Maybe I can use it someday

The misunderstood comfort of stuff

It’s really not stuff that makes you happy. Actually, there is so much stuff that makes you unhappy. Nevertheless, so many of us cannot let go and cannot stop adding to it.

It’s like your life is based on things that are connected to you and it’s painful to part. The clutter from the past keeps my clients from being in the present. Happiness is found in the here and now, and searching for happiness in the future is just a mind game. You get stressed out with your overwhelming mess that hides in cabinets, closets, drawers, pantries, garages, sheds, attics, basements and your mind… it is simply too much.

Often clutter is associated with depression and prevents people from attaining a healthy life style. Dust provokes allergies and unorganized rooms can cause stress. Healthy eating habits are often impossible to practice in a kitchen with overstuffed pantries, no place to sit, eat and enjoy. Much needed sleep at night is robbed by your running TV and the nagging thoughts of things that must be done. Wouldn’t it be nice to be clear in your mind and stress free in your home?

Instead of getting up and committing to a happier life, you remain stuck in this vicious cycle, buying more stuff telling yourself that it makes you happy and “that someday you may need it”.

Here are some good reasons why you should let go of clutter in your home and life:

It takes effort to hold on to anything; imagine all the negative clutter that overshadows your days, blocking the sunlight and robbing your energy.

With all the mess surrounding you, you may never accomplish as much as you desire and holding on to the past will keep you from truly being in the present – the only place you can relax in.

Letting go will create space inside and out, and without that space there is little room for happiness to come and stay.

So, thinking that you need it and “maybe use it someday” only makes you a slave to your insignificant things.


I understand that many of us procrastinate in getting started, because the workload is overwhelming. It really makes no sense to wait any longer! It’s not worth holding on to stuff that you may use next week, next year, or never. Make a conscious decision to be the master of your time and find out what happens when you let go and start fresh.




Maybe thinking that you can use it someday makes you the slave to your insignificant stuff — Karin Finney


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