I LOVE MY CLUTTER And why decluttering isn’t for everybody

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A friend of mine told me the other day she liked my blog and it made her think of her cluttered desk.

It was not my intention to remind someone of their chaos and that they should start cleaning up after themselves. No, not at all. I told her about a friend in Germany whose house seems like a total mess, but it really isn’t. It is a place you feel so very welcome and instantly want to put up your feet and start enjoying. The owner of this home is a very relaxed man that runs his own business and is happy with his surroundings, relationships and life in general. Does he need to declutter? No, he doesn’t! My friend’s contentment and happy lifestyle answers the question right there, if decluttering is for everybody.

Decluttering is not a standard or hype that needs to be fulfilled. Many personalities are just fine with a certain chaos and love the comfort of things. If you are happy, why change anything? And you should not judge anybody by the way they create their lives. The true feeling of enjoyment can’t be created and some of us would feel very lonely with their stuff missing. Also, it is not for us to judge someone else’s life style, deciding who needs to declutter and who doesn’t.

So, if you are in a happy place with your life, there is nothing to change. Have some good people over, cook together and enjoy the meal, company and conversation- despite clutter or order.  Life is there for you to be lived! Now!


When your mess is the cause of stress and disfunction, keeping you from accomplishments and leading to mental or physical health issues,  it is time to change the habits that cause that pain.


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“What are the most beautiful messes you secretly love?”







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