Are People Happier in other Countries?

What does happiness have to do with decluttering? In my opinion a lot. Clients usually call me when they are frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed and need help. It has become very common that families have a hard time to function; mainly because there is too much to do and not enough time. What feeds this phenomenon is the consumption of stuff. Many buy things to make them happy, but that feeling does not last. It just adds to the chaos and only declutters the wallets.



To the question if people are happier in other countries. New data just released in November 2018, by the Centers of Disease Control, shows that US life expectancy dropped again for the 3rd year in a row. With a growing number of opioid overdose deaths and climbing suicide rates in the United States, that trend has reversed over the past three years — against the norm for most developed nations.


This may be put a bit harshly and sure is simplified, but happy people do not commit suicide and the blissful are not likely to use drugs.

Still, the number one killer is heart disease and in my opinion this subject is taken too lightly. Stress, working to many hours, not having time to relax and exercise, are left up to the individual in an environment that makes time a luxury and not available to everybody. Fast food places are on every corner and healthy eating habits are easily overcome with a quick stop at the drive through.



Again, are my friends back home in Europe happier? In my opinion they certainly complain more while the average citizen in the US is just holding their breath. The median there claims six weeks paid vacation on top of their national holidays, separate paid sick leave, health care, maternity leave, free education and a greater job security as well as benefits in case of a personal crisis. Are they happier? Well, they sure have more time to celebrate life with an increased expectancy to live longer and healthier!

Question for you… Did you have a choice in which country you wanted to be born in?

I am asking this, because we seem to forget that many of us are born into circumstances that do not provide for the basics like love, food, shelter and health care – and they had NO choice. It is often said, that it is their own fault and that they are responsible for their own good. To a point, sure, but there are too many that are pushed into suffering by bad fortune, politics, beliefs and war.

I think it is a great practice to think about every purchase and decide if it really serves you. Make your home that place of acceptance where you can have peace of mind, calm and clarity. It is not possible to make sense of the world, because not everything is in reach of the rational mind. Maybe seeing the planet as one country and not assuming that one nationality has more privileges than others could help to spread the happiness!

Take care of your heart,


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