Space Maker

FRITZ Space Maker? How do I “make space”? It is actually very simple. All you need to do is sort your life! Sorting through will lead to slowing and quieting down. Mindfully you do one thing at a time, cleaning up the things that do not serve you.

I help my clients build a routine as a guide to focus on their everyday tasks. It is not written in stone and provides room for adjustment in an always changing life- nothing ever stays the same. We find out what causes stress and work on either changing or accepting it, because ignorance is never a long term solution.

A routine in getting up at a certain time with adding a meditation, a walk with the dog,  good breakfast, music, exercise or whatever it may be that makes you happy, is essential. Yes, maybe you have to get up earlier in order to make your mornings more pleasant, but why not?

The average person takes a good eight hours of sleep to recharge and recover. So, once you figured out the time for getting up in the morning, just subtract the hours of sleep and find your ideal bedtime. A bedtime routine is so worth it! Give yourself a phase to unwind in the evening and avoid actions that add disharmony before you go to bed. Know what needs to happen for the next day and prepare- so when you put your head down that night you can let go. Your bedroom should be simple and not cluttered. All you need is a snug and inviting bed. Whitish colors are best suited for this quiet room, with crispy white bed sheets and comfy pillows. No TV or electronics and a rather cool temperature with fresh air is ideal. If you have a partner that keeps you up at night, consider separate bedrooms.  I personally get bed ready ahead of time and slip under my cover with a nightly wind down meditation. Anything that needs to get discussed is done earlier at the dinner table. I also avoid bright lights before going to sleep.

As a professional organizer I consider the bedroom the most important room to start your decluttering. Again, don’t underestimate the power of a good night sleep.

Besides sleeping eight hours a night, there are 16 more to consider every day. Two very good rules to live by, besides getting enough sleep, are: eat well and exercise!

Maybe it is not as easy to have a daytime routine, but by giving yourself a break in the middle, avoiding fast food and moving your body, you are making space for the good things! Start with writing down a To Do list for your day and give it a try. Think about what stresses you and again, either change it or accept it. Be consistent!

I have set times in the week for office work, grocery shopping, laundry and horseback riding, as well as daily routines for things like exercising, cooking, cleaning and keeping the home functional. This way I don’t need to multitask work, family and appointments, because each has its own time bracket. A shared family calendar helps split household responsibilities and all members are part of this.

Still not sure on how and why by simply adding a routine you are creating space? Picture a cluttered room and you are throwing out the stuff on the counters that you do not need. You open the cupboards and drawers and you are getting rid of all the things that are not serving you. You use some warm soapy water to clean of the scuff;  you dust and clear the shelves. The filthy carpet goes and you replace the floor. You clear the window and let the sun in. Suddenly you have fresh space! You organize what is essential and your surroundings are now manageable and lighter. It is the same with your head, the clutter may not be tangible, but it is there. So, clear your head and don’t just shift your cluttering thoughts around- eliminate what is not helpful and focus. With your applied routine you center your attention mindfully to the moment and its task. This allows you to let go of thoughts, resting assure that everything has its time and place.

Last, but not least don’t be too hard on yourself and accept help, because some things are easier done together.

“Maybe the space you are longing for is deliberately cluttered by your mind- ultimately worried of what the clean up may show”   –FRITZ Space Maker

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