Don’t be Mortified to get Help clearing your Chaos!

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When you look up the word “mortify” one of the answers shows, it is the cause to feel embarrassed, ashamed, or humiliated.
We all know that feeling and nobody likes it. Some of my clients take a long time before they have the guts to call me for help, and I know many don’t contact me because of the discomfit. It is kind of like going to the doctor with an embarrassing disease- you put if off,  but eventually it gets bad enough, that you must go.


Most of the time my clients tell me that they are so ashamed of their chaos and when I get there, it is not as bad as they made it out to be and very solvable.
I understand that it is not simple to overcome this emotion, but at the same time you should stop attaching deeper meaning to your messiness and just change it. Satisfaction will come and most likely sooner than later and that is worth focusing on!
First step is to find an organizer that you can work with. You should get a pretty good idea if the person is able to help you, by asking your specific questions and getting answers that serve you.
Here are some pointers to look for:
You want someone who lightens your load, puts things into perspective, points out the rabbit holes and gets you on the right path. 
Confidentiality should come without saying. It is essential that there is trust between the organizer and the client to allow the free flow of communication. It must be clear that the customer’s personal life and all the issues and problems that they have belong to them and do not leave their home.
Your name and pictures should never be shared on social media or in conversation. My clients can rely on my confidentiality and my FRITZ photos are either taken from my own home, or I have worked with personal friends that have given me specific permission to post an image. People, names and places in my stories are always made-up.
This much said, there is also the organizers point of view. They should not take any job, just to make money. I love my work as FRITZ Space Maker and am welcoming new clients, but there are certainly jobs that I can’t handle. One example is hoarding. It is out of my league and can only be done in accordance with a professional psychologist. On the other hand it is not very probable a hoarder would contact me- it is more likely one of their family members does. My point is that the organizer needs to feel confident that they can work with the client as well. I make no difference in skin color, race and sexual preferences- but refuse to work with people that are being hateful against any of this.
So, finding someone you don’t feel mortified clearing your mess with, might take a little research, but certainly is possible. Give it a try and keep focusing on your goal and not so much about your chaos. A good organizer will take care of it and get you on the right path!
“It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.”– Leonardo da Vinci

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