Flowers, Light and Colors…

It is spring time on this side of the equator! A season that resembles fun, sun and energy. Can you feel it? Make sure you don’t miss it and to let the light in.

When I say “don’t miss it” I mean that now is the time to do a few things before it is too late and fall and winter are back. Time flies and you should enjoy this seasonal leap.

Many of you are doing an annual spring cleaning. It is a great feeling when you are done and satisfied- clearing the dust, clutter and letting go of stuff. Some are too overwhelmed with their mess and rather push it off to an unknown time which is likely to never come. This is somewhat sad, because sunlight is an essential helper for those that are stressed. So clear the clutter and remember that “Less is More”!

Do you live in a tiny or big home? Do you have a garden, balcony or patio? Are you residing in a travel trailer or maybe a house boat (one of my dreams!)? It does not matter, because most likely you have windows. Pull up the blinds- yes, it will show the dirt and dust clearly and start your blitzing and don’t forget to let some fresh air in!

If you have a big mess and you are overwhelmed, start with one window. Clean it and move away all the clutter around it. Make sure you get rid of the stuff that does not serve you! You may want to hang a crystal in the window that plays with the natural brilliance of light. Start treating each window in your home as a shrine- a sanctuary for letting in the rays of life and connecting with the outside world. Again, open the window and let some fresh air in.

If you have a balcony or patio, take a closer look and decide if you are getting some positive use out of it. What is positive use? It should serve you to help relax and enjoy the moment. Savor a glass of wine in the evening, have a cozy spot to read a book, or a space to enjoy good company. Use your outside space as an oasis. Plants are not always the answer, it just depends on your green thumb and your time. You can always send FRITZ a message at I make space and organize as a professional and am available virtually.

Garden? Some of us love to have this little place on earth that we especially enjoy during the spring and summer season. Again, think about how green your thumb really is and how you can timely manage it. I do not enjoy mowing the lawn and after we tried to run our front and backyard accordingly to its needs, we noticed that we spent way too much time on this- more than we really wanted. There used to be a lawn, pond with fish, many plants that needed watering and lots of cutting, clipping and trimming. We decided to change to a low maintenance yard! We love it more than ever, it is “waterwise” and now we have time to enjoy it.

Right now is a good time to start your spring cleaning! Sort out, let go, make space and take joy in what is provided by nature. Don’t miss out to add some tulips and daffodils on your table!

Spring lets the sun put a new layer of joy on your home and heart-
the best time of the year to dust, clean and let go.
-FRITZ Space Maker

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