Ambiguity – it is all a matter of perspective

One of my friends tells me often that you can’t argue with someone who doesn’t understand the subject. It seems to me a bit to simple, like putting your foot down and saying “I am right and you are wrong” because I do not agree. It may be correct for a math problem, but certainly not when different people with their experiences and believes come together.

When you look up the word am·bi·gu·i·ty you get the answer: the quality of being open to more than one interpretation. Clearly, it is the mind alone that defines the experience. One person can look at one thing and see it in one way and another person can look at that exact same thing and see and experience it in an entirely different way- one person seeing the positive and one seeing the negative in it. Likewise, on one day we might feel different from the next. Our thoughts and emotions might be completely unalike from the day before, so we experience the day in another way. That means that it matters how we relate to our thoughts. That does not mean we always like what goes on around us; I think this will never be the case. What we can do is stop blaming and start changing our perception throughout. When we change the perception and start looking inward we can create a space of calm and clarity and therefor can make skillful actions.

What does ambiguity have to do with decluttering? I think it is the base between my client and me. I need to be open to their directions, dreams and goals. It is a balance, a give and let go, and my customers also have to be open to various scenarios if they want to change their chaos and find a simpler way of living. It is the individual, that is letting me do everything without working on their root problem, that will not achieve what he or she is longing for.

If you would like to change the situation you are in for the better, than it is easiest done with very little. Less clutter eliminates unnecessary responsibilities and leads to more time and eventually a clear focus. Say “no” to things that do not serve you, distance yourself from people and situations that are not good for you.

The end result of ambiguity is a whole new perspective maybe even a new life. Some end up moving to a different city, maybe even country. Some change their relationships or workplace- or both, others their occupation and some go back to school to learn something completely new. Others stay right where they are and just change their viewpoint. There are so many different ways of living your life, that is right for you and many opportunities that open up once you are available to more than one interpretation. I am thinking about ideas like moving to the country or the city, working and earning more or less, smaller or bigger home, houseboat, trailer or tiny house- just becoming involved in who you are. Once you start looking around you will meet many that have done exactly that and they are not crazy, they just figured out that life is ambiguous!

Ambiguity is difficult because you think you know you are right, right? – FRITZ Space Maker

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