I am currently visiting Germany, Finnland and Estonia, keeping my eyes open for decluttering ideas and interacting with family, friends and strangers in life altering subjects and thoughts on happiness. I am always searching for different views and approaches; traveling and engaging with new cultures opens doors… Stories are told and black and white views develop color. New possibilities become alive and different opportunities open.

Traveling with a receptive mind is always good. On this trip I have noticed that pretty much all of us are longing for a simpler life, BUT with too many construction areas it is difficult to finish them, because we are not focused and are to distracted. When I say “construction areas” I am referring to ideas and jobs we have started or want to start, but so to say can’t see the tree in the forest and never finish them…

What is your agenda? Are you realistic in what you want to accomplish and are you clear about it? Can you be still? Can you be quiet? Can you do nothing? The best ideas come and things happen with a quiet mind. Is it possible for you to focus on just one thing? Some things are long term projects, others take only a short moment. Try to be in the present.

Do you need stimulants, like caffeine, sugar, alcohol or nicotine to keep going? Or are you seeking methods to calm you down, like sleeping pills or other drugs? Maybe you keep yourself distracted with social media, unnecessary work and constant conversations?

None of the above is helpful and you should take care of yourself. Often we take care of things that are not as important and too many times we give advice to others without following through ourselves. Fact is: At lot of things are easier said than done. Make sure you are not a hypocrite!

So what has focusing on one thing to do with declutterring? Simply put, you get things done. I meet people with great ideas but their lives are to full and this keeps them from acting on their ideas and they get very little done and further away from their goal of simplifying. Often their mind is going a 100 miles per hour and they talk about one idea while already coming up with the next. Listening to them is like riding a roller coaster, eventually you have to get off.

A good organizer can help you focus on just one thing and get it done. Eventually you will recover from the hamster wheel and pick your battles according to your needs.

I like teaching my clients to go by the three pillars that seem to create harmony and balance: Enough sleep, exercise and healthy food!

By the way, many of my customers will try to convince me that they already go by these three pillars. Please don’t. I am not judging anybody, because who am I to do so? I am here to help. Fact is, if you are experiencing a chaotic life style there is something wrong with the framework of your basic needs.

Maybe you can take a longer vacation or just a weekend or a couple of hours off. A scenic change helps to distance yourself from your own thoughts. I am offering for that particular reason time for Space Travel, weekend retreats as well as short workshops. With a clear and open mind you get the chance to slow down and find what’s important to you. With that you can take the first step. The second will follow and soon you are on a new path.

The massage table is also a great place for many to let go. As a certified TouchLife massage practitioner, I also recommend and provide relaxing body work sessions. Do not forget to pamper yourself!

The life you have lived so far does not need to be the only life you have – FRITZ Space Maker


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